Go time

It’s here, just in case you were wondering.¬†In fact, waters are warming daily, and some of the tribs look like late July/August conditions; skinny. I was able to do a quick fish on the Andro yesterday, and landed a couple fish, including a nice brown. The state has been putting in some larger fish, so there should be some good tight-lined battles this year. There are some mayflies and stones around, so things should only get better from here, with caddis by the end of the month. I believe June is probably the best month, but don’t put off fishing because the good fishing¬†will be over before you know it.

Also broke in my new Scott Radian 905/4, this could be the real ‘Goldilocks’ rod. Fast and feel. If I had to have just one rod, I think this might be it.

I Hope to see this guy and his buddies in the near future….book a trip and you could be holding it!

andro brown






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