Our Favorite Rivers

Androscoggin River

Once one of the top 10 polluted rivers in the country, this river now boasts a top class fishery. The 6 mile drift on the Upper Andro, from Gilead to West Bethel, is well suited for drift boat fishing, and has excellent scenery to boot, with frequent bald eagle sightings. This section is managed for rainbow and brown trout, with a few brook trout. Most of the trout are 10-15”, though trout over 5lbs have been caught. This section fishes well during May and June, though mid summer evenings can bring fish to the surface for excellent dry fly fishing.

Kennebec River

This river flows from Maine’s largest lake; Moosehead. I focus on the Solon section of this river, and occasionally the Bingham section below Wyman Dam. The Solon stretch contains mostly browns and salmon that can easy exceed 20″. There are many islands and braids, with fish scattered throughout the 6 mile drift. This is a diverse fishery where you can fish dries to rising fish, nymph the good runs, and pound the banks with streamers, all in one day! Though it may not produce the numbers as the Andro, the possibility of a quality fish is greater. The Bingham section contains some large rainbows that can come topside near dusk. Though they can be tough to catch, this might be the best rainbow fishery in the northeast.


Saco River

This river, named after the Eastern Abenaki word meaning “land where the river comes out”, starts in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and flows to the towns of Biddeford and Saco, Maine, where it meets with the Atlantic. I concentrate on the 4 mile section below Hiram Dam to Cornish. This tailwater is managed for brown trout, with some brook trout as well, and this section fishes well for trout in the early spring, from April to June. During the warmer summer months, fishing for Small and Largemouth bass is good, with fish up to 4lbs common. Be sure to bring your 6 or 7wt rods for these feisty fish.

Ossipee River

This river flows from Ossipee Lake in New Hampshire and meets up with the Saco in Cornish, Maine. This 6 mile float starts in Kezar Falls and ends in Cornish. As with the Saco, this section is managed for brown trout with a few brookies mixed in, and the fishing is good from April to June. This section has some good hatches so be sure to bring your dry fly rod. As the warmer weather approaches, the bass fishing heats up, with 3 to 4lb fish common.

Small Stream Fishing

If fishing small streams for native brookies is more you style, that is something I offer as well. Small mountain streams remain productive during the warm summer months, and though the trout may not be wall hangers, their beauty cannot be matched. They are also eager to take dry flies whether there is a hatch or not. Bring your short 3 or 4 wts, or I can supply you with one.

Trout Pond Fishing

I also offer guided trips on ponds, mostly for brook trout and rainbow trout, and one of my favorite ponds offers excellent dry fly fishing for native brookies. Canoe(s) or an aluminum boat and motor are used to get you on the water, and into fish. Sinking lines are effective on the stillwaters I fish, though make sure to have a floating line for the evening hatch. The pond fishing is usually best during May and June, but fish can be caught during the evenings or early mornings all summer long.

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  1. Hi
    How about a day or 1/2 day working on some of the Small Streams. I would be especially interested in the ones near Cornish on Ossipee or Saco Rivers.
    I have cabin on the Ossipee in Cornish…
    Mike Herman

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