Maiden voyage

I am happy to report I picked up a new addition to the fleet this year, a used 15′ Clackacraft low profile drift boat. Though I love the raft, and will still use it on some waters, I like the space and more fisherman-friendly setup of the glass boat. After tinkering on some small things this spring, I have been anxiously awaiting the flows to drop so I could make the maiden voyage.┬áThis year, the first floatable day didn’t come until Mothers Day weekend, but that wasn’t going to happen, so I was able to get my wife onboard for Tuesday. The river was a little high, but we found some fish, including a nice fat brookie that Nichole got. I really was impressed with the maneuver-ablitily of the boat, and the comfort and room doesn’t hurt either. Look for it on the river, and book soon….good fishing is coming soon!