Autumn Splendor

This title best sums up the fishing we had last weekend. Cold nights and low water levels have dropped water temps on the Andro in the low 40’s (dropped about a degree a day since late Sept.!). The fishing was slow to start, but once things warmed up a bit, they started to bite, and we even saw a few risers. Streamers were the ticket though, and most fish fell to bright colored ones. It was a day of quality fish, and the last fish of the day, a 16″ butter-belly brown, was one of the nicest to reach the net this year.

With October coming to a close, all but a few waters will be open through the winter. I have one more float, weather permitting, then will chase whitetails most of November.  Tight lines to the dedicated few fisherman out there willing to give it one more cast;)

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As usual, here are some pics from last weeks adventure.

colored up rainbow,; don't come any prettier

colored up rainbow,; don’t come any prettier


fatty brown

fatty brown




an aggressive streamer eating brown, one of the nicest specimens of the season

an aggressive streamer eating brown, one of the nicest specimens of the season















Final countdown

Just a few weeks left on most waters, except a few of the larger western Maine rivers. Water temps are in the low, 50’s, which is hard to believe with all the warm days. I fished and guided two different rivers this weekend, and found the fish to be willing, though a little sluggish. Water levels are lower than normal, for this time of year for sure.  Nymphs and streamers rule in the fall, but be ready for the dry bite if it happens. Also, don’t be afraid to add wet fly behind your streamer, or in front of your nymph, to up your odds. There are still some October caddis around, and swinging a wet can be deadly.

Here are some pics from Saturdays float,

Fat Brookie

Fat Brookie


who doesn't want to be this guy?

who doesn’t want to be this guy?


13 1/2" brownie

13 1/2″ brownie