Rod Holders


I have started to make Fly Rod Holders for vehicles, similar to a commercial brand, but much cheaper. These rod holders use suction cups to hold to the vehicle, and hold four strung up rods, ready for the next location. They weight less than two pounds and can be mounted and un-mounted in seconds, and can be stashed in the vehicle for anytime use. These retail for $150 for the big name brand, but I am selling my version for just $75! email or comment to order.


Salmon River, NY

March 17-20, 2014

Back from 3 1/2 cold days (single digits in the morning) on the Salmon River, steelhead fishing. I got to try out my Scott A3 10′ 7wt, which proved to be a winner for roll casting and fighting great lakes steel. The first two days were good to me, landing two the first day, including a 32″ pig (around 13-14 lbs), my biggest to date. I landed 4 more on tuesday, plus hooked another big boy that took me down stream and threw the hook on a jump. Unfortunately, the last day and half, i couldnt hook a fish to save my life! Todd picked up the slack, and even though i was using the same flies (small stones), i couldn’t get a fish to eat. A good trip in all, time to rest my arm after roll casting a few thousand times, and battling a few fish. I can’t wait to go back next year!

egg hatch!

Dark horse

small chrome in the lower fly zone, with some of my “buddies”