Andro is heating up…

After heavy rains and heavy, dirty flows after Memorial Day weekend, the river is back to normal. I guided for an outfitter on Sunday for a half day. The water temp was 60 degrees, and the flow was 3,200 cfs in Gorham, near perfect. They caught at least 10 fish, including a few good brookies up to 13″ or so. 

Off the water by 12, cleaned up the boat and headed for RIver by 1. Had some taps swinging a tandem streamer rig (what else?), then finally hooked a small brown around 9″, one of the new strains of browns, the Sandwich strain from the Cape. I followed up with two more brookies, one of which was around 12″, all stocked fish. Had a lot of short strikes, but couldn’t get a good hook in them. Finished up with a fall fish (sorry, no pic ;)) before the dark clouds and rumbles of thunder told me it was time to go.

like to see this guy in a few years….