Mixed Bag

Although some folks might have hung up their rods last month, nobody told the fish! The bass fishing has been good, but the weekly rains and nighttime lows in the 50’s have keep the waters cool and at normal levels, and we have also been getting after some trout. The Upper Andro was 68 degrees last week, and as long as we don’t get any more real hot temps, the fishing should only pick up. I saw a surprising amounts of rises last week, and though we had to go to size 20 and 7x tippet to entice some of the fish, there was more than enough action to keep us interested. Its not every August that you can use dries, nymphs, and streamers, so dust off your rods and get after it, fall fishing is right on the doorstep…. Here are a few highlights from the last few weeks.

3 lb.+ smallie


This first time fly fisherwoman got the Andro hat trick- brookie, brown, and bow!