home stretch

That’s right, as we near the dog days of summer, the trout fishing will be winding down the next couple weeks, with best chances at dawn and dusk. The low water (around 1400 cfs in Gorham), has warmed faster than normal with these hot days, and its vast approaching the evil 70 degree mark. Soon we will turn our attention to bass.

Last week was productive and we caught fish on #18 dries to streamers, and netted over 100 trout! Guided fisherman from 14 to 70 years old last week, and no matter the age, you can’t wipe the grin off a fisherman that is tight to a fish! gotta love it…

So don’t procrastinate any longer, go fish, BUT be mindful of the water temp- don’t play fish too long (use a size heavier tippet), keep them in the water as much as possible and release asap. If you want to go real easy on them, pinch the barb.

Also, if you are on waters with special regs that you can clearly see are being violated (aka worm container), don’t be afraid to let them know what the laws on the water are. I saw several bait fisherman on Artificial Only water last week, which takes away from everyone else and compromises the management of the river. Needed to vent that…

Here are a few trophy shots,




Double trouble
Double trouble



Streamer Eater
Streamer Eater



















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