ice breaker

With ice still on the lakes and pond, and 1-2’ of snow in the woods, the fishing opportunities are slim. With 1-2” of rain in the forecast tonight, and a brief stretch of warmer weather over the last few days, today seemed like my best chance to wet my line in Maine for the first time. I had to park roadside since the parking lot was still snowed in. I brought snowshoes, but didn’t really need them as there was a pretty good path to the beach, but the tracks showed no obvious signs of fisherman. I tied on a double streamer setup, a good “match the hatch” rig ;). Landed three nice browns, all nice butter belly holdovers 16″-17″.  Slow strip, kinda soft mouth hits, but set the hook and it was on! Felt so good! The second fish even jumped twice! Good strong fish, perfect for the 6wt. (with 200gr. sink tip). I will be heading back there soon!