high water

Too high now, in fact. The river went from 3,000 cfs to over 7,000 in Gorham, NH Saturday, as a result of some heavy rains in the north country Friday night. I was able to guide anglers from W. Virginia, Bud and Charles, before the storm on Friday, and we did well, landing a few good fish including a fat 13″ brookie, and a brown that was at least 14″, both of which¬†put a hell’ofa bend in Charles’ 3wt! Unfortunately we had to cancel Sunday’s trip and postpone Monday’s due to the heavy flows, which should subside later this week as long as we don’t get much more rain. Good news is that this should keep the river cooler for longer, and the best fishing should be yet to come.

Here are some pics from Friday (the best ones are still on Charles’ camera, but I snapped a few with my ipone)


A colored up Brook TroutUNICORN

Unicorn Brown, not the best pic, but you get the idea. Handsome fish3wt putting the boots to a nice brown

3wt putting the boots to a nice brown!

















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