Ideal Conditions

At least for the moment…flows everywhere are damn near perfect, and the water temps are holding nicely (2500 cfs and, 65 degrees on the Upper Andro). No guide trips on the holiday weekend allowed me to get a line wet myself with my neighbor Chris. We found plenty of fish, and lost track, but probably 20-30 trout. Hit a bunch of nice brookies 12″-14″ on dries to start, which was a blast, then fished streamers the rest of the day. Huge plastic (kayak) hatch in the afternoon made for some entertainment as well.

I expect the fishing to last another week or two until the hot weather warms the river temps to around the 70 mark. Fish can still be caught (especially at dawn and dusk), but it wont be as good as it is now, so anyone interested better get after it. Bass and small streams will be on the menu by mid month.

Best fishes,


PS- All you sun-conscious anglers should check out Portland’s own 12wt. company, some great duds for the sun.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 4


Chris with one of many fish
Chris with one of many fish- seemed like everytime I dropped anchor and started to cast, he’d have a bent rod! good times!



















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